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Bizarro World is a social play-to-own RPG set in the world of living, breathing NFT communities, artists, and personalities. Just as the utopia sours and everyone begins turning onto each other as if by some evil spell, you - the Bizarros - arrive seemingly out of nowhere, without any memories. 


Determined to remember your past and craft your destiny in this new world, you set out on an epic adventure. From helping the apes settle the DMTs vs Cheetahs drama to being dragged into a global crisis and the war with right-click savers, you will relive historic and fictional events interwoven with social commentary and humor. 


Bizarro World, in its full implementation, will consist of three parts: RPG, mini-games, and housing/metaverse. Currently, we’re focused on the first two.

 What is Bizarro World?

In Bizarro World, certain areas of the world will have mini-games fit for that environment; for example, marbles and poker in Gutter City. Bizarros will be able to play mini-games to compete against each other, have fun, and earn tokens. Both single- and multiplayer mini-games will be available (top scorers for the day/week/month will get tokens from single-player games). 

 What are "Mini-Games?"

Bizarros are the main playable characters, represented by an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Additional benefits and rewards will be available to Bizarro holders, from special in-game items to IRL merch and events. 


Though other items and characters will be available soon, Bizarros will remain the most important characters in Bizarro World.

What are Bizarros?

No. You will be able to purchase powerful items other players may be selling, but we as a company disagree with the pay-to-win approach as a matter of principle.

 Is Bizarro World play-to-win?

If you as a player have been around the NFT space for a bit, this world will seem very familiar. Many of the quests are based on real-world events and Twitter and Discord drama. You will accept quests from or fight alongside with Andrew, Drift, Spottie, Tropo, and many other familiar NPC characters. 

 What is the setting for the game universe?

You’ll be able to make your Bizarro look like an NFT from the partnered collection. You may also get access to a special quest and a special reward item. For example, the armor rewarded by the main quest from the FPB area will have additional frost protection stat, etc.

 What benefits do I get if I have an NFT from a partnered collection such as Fluffy Polar Bears?

Not by default. Their appearance in the game is in no way an advice to buy any Bizarro World-related NFT. And unless otherwise explicitly stated by them, it is not an endorsement of this project. 


That said, Bizarro World is meant to be a wholesome experience and we hope to partner with all major collections so that we can work on quests and characters together. We want to portray NFT communities authentically, with jokes, drama, and celebrations intrinsic to each community, and NPCs that represent the most active members from those communities.

 Is Bizarro World endorsed by the characters and collections

that appear in the game?

This is the best question of all. At Bizarre Games, we hope to build a decentralized game studio in as much as it makes sense. We want to incorporate UGC, community ideas, and third-party art in a way that fairly rewards all parties. 

This model doesn’t exist yet, so there will be a lot of trial and error. 


We’ll start with a community fund. You will vote on ideas you think should be financed and we’ll deploy the money. From comics to 3D assets to mini-games and whatever else - the community can create anything they want and keep full ownership of the outcome, including any profits/royalties.

 How can I participate?

Those are generic platforms meant to support a variety of games and experiences. Bizarro World, on the other hand, is an RPG, custom-built and story-focused. Think a  mini version (emphasis on mini) of Skyrim or (if you subtract the MMO part) World of Warcraft or FF14. It will have a deep story, a uniting aesthetic, and game mechanics specific to this game. The game will be based on the upcoming book(s) by Sasha Novosad. In its current version, Bizarro World is a game, not a platform. Each metaverse out there will have its own pros and cons; we aim to build something unique that we aren’t yet seeing anyone else building.

 How does this differ from The Sandbox, Decentraland, etc?

We plan on using an abstraction layer (such as Stardust) so that we can both operate without lag and support multiple chains. Most of the frequently-traded items in the game will be tokens on a layer 2 blockchain such as Polygon, ImmutableX, or Solana. 

Big-ticket items, such as the main in-game characters called Bizarros, will be minted on Ethereum blockchain (layer 1).

 Which blockchain will the game operate on?

No, we acquired them from a character dev studio, Meshtint. We may iterate on and improve them before the final game release, but generally making game-ready characters is harder than making 3D models. As part of the acquisition, we agreed to honor previous licenses so there are a few other smaller studios using the same characters. However, their license does not allow them to use the characters as NFTs, nor can they give out IP rights. We can.


We are also making many custom characters; for example, the blue cats, the apes, the gutter species, etc. Making _everything_ in a game from scratch is very expensive and takes a long time; we’re trying to strike a balance of making vs buying in order to speed up development and reduce cost.

These characters look familiar, did you make them?

Full rights with the caveat that it’s possible (though not very likely) that one of Meshtint’s previous customers could have used a character in their game or other media that looks exactly like yours. However, when it comes to NFTs, or using your character on your products, such as coffee or a comic - you have full rights. You may not restrict us from using the character in our works, such as Bizarro World, or materials, nor are you eligible for any compensation if we accidentally do use a Bizarro with same traits as yours (we will do our best to avoid such coincidences).

 What IP rights do I get with my Bizarro?

For the main game - TBD. For mini-games/tavern - Unity (so far).

What engine are you building on?

Come to Discord or sign up for our email newsletter, we would love to have you!

 Where can I learn more?

Games are hard and require either a lot of people or a lot of time; most of the time, they require both. As such, the majority of the technical team will be hired in the coming months - artists, animators, programmers, etc. Currently, we have:


  • Sasha 'nftsasha' Novosad, a lifelong gamer, ex-software engineer, and founder of Gankstars, an esports organization with multiple mobile game world championship titles. 

  • Dave ‘LessThanProductive’ Mills, a Unity developer and code wizard who loves games above all else.

  • Cene ‘Luvin’ Jenko, a diamond-in-the-rough musician, songwriter, and vocalist. Today, you can hear music he made in the Tavern and in parts of the trailer. 

  • Nejc ‘Nejc’ Pirecnik, a do-it-all universalist helping with graphic design, stickers, Discord, Unity scene creation, and other tasks.

  • Plus part-time help from the brilliant fancyrats (minting page), swaptrap (comic illustration), and Lazy Droid Studio (website design and development).

 Who is on the team?

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